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Want to Rent our Community Building?

Standard Events:

$200 fee + $200 refundable deposit

Events with Alcohol:

$250 fee + $200 refundable deposit

Contact City Hall


Why Our Community Center?

- Large 'Great Room' for events of all sizes

- Large Kitchen with a lot of appliances, a dedicated rinse room, and a serving window

- Dynamic zone lighting to set the right mood for any occasion

- Plenty of tables and chairs that are easy to set up and put away

- An outdoor patio for your guests to enjoy

- Modern restrooms with baby changing stations

- Easy-to-find: take our interstate exit and drive north, it's just across the railroad tracks!

- ADA Accessible (North side)

- $200 refundable deposit - return it as you found it and get up to half your money back!

150th Kickoff Bash Social

150th Kickoff Bash Live Auction

Casey, Iowa

150th Kickoff Bash Concert (Acoustic Sample)

Table Layout Examples

The schematics shown above are not completely accurate due to minor changes made during construction.

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